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Whether you need to interact with the crowd at your next big event, want to train your staff or use it in the classroom, Sqiffer is the go-to interactive add-on for you! Sqiffer seamlessly connects your audience with your presentation, your host and with each other, adding that extra layer of interactivity, entertainment and engagement before, during and after your event. 

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About Sqiffer

Sgiffer is an interactive web platform designed to optimrize your event or session by adding real -time digital connections between you and your audience. With our expertise and experience we are able to create custom interaction that extends your presentation and generates the best possible, on-topic digital value.

Sqiffer allows you to interact in real-time with any device at any location or venue or even with external audiences, on- and offline. If you need an interactive app for your big event, to train your staff or even in class rooms, sqiffer transforms a simple phone into a voting device, a polling system or an integrated photo upload tool. Users can receive updates, vouchers or any other form of communication that engages your audience.


Sqiffer is a web application, built on the latest real-time web technology.

Which comes with the following unique advantages:


The application delivers real-time results on screen. While other systems imitate this, but always have a certain delay in their connections.


Thanks to the new technology we are able to interact truly with users and show relevant content on users’ phones with a simple click. Users can even share content amongst each other.


Because the backbone is different than existing applications, it requires much less bandwidth so it can be deployed at any location without complicated internet connections.


The way the system has been developed makes it the most stable application available. This guarantees a successful event at any given location.


Mobile Photo App This application allows users to send pictures anonymously to a central url. The pictures are displayed on a large screen, or any other digital screen. Users can also add text messages. Login and branding are optional choices. After the event users can download their pictures from a dedicated event gallery. The actual pictures that appear on the projection screen can be moderated before screening them.

Mobile Voting This app turns phones into voting devices, for polls and quizes. Multiple choice questions can be used, but also pictures and free text can be sent to a central url that generates graphs, pictures or text messages in real time.


Sqiffer works without a wifi network. Participants should have access to a 3g connection at least. We can also offer you a mobile wifi network if you would like to offer your audience a stable connection during an event on every location. We can give the network any name, like the name of your brand or event.

Coty is a global company that develops and markets fragrances like Calvin Klein, Chloe and Marc Jacobs. Next tot their fragrances division, they are also the company behind Lancaster suncare and many other bodycare brands and products.

Every year Coty trains their retailers’ staff about the new innovations for upcoming season. The Coty offices in New York in the Empire State Building were the first of a series of 20 events with an average of about 250 visitors where Sqiffer was used as an interactive tool. Next to the US, Sqiffer was used in Europe in Holland and Belgium in the same way.

At this one day congress about index investing, approximately 250 professional bankers get together to be updated about the latest trends in the financial world and to network Index product providers like iShares (Blackrock), Vanguard, SSGA, ETF securities and Think ETF’s share their vision on the market. The event is moderated by radio talkshow host Annette van Soest.

During the event visitors were able to interact in real time with the moderator of the day through sqiffer. On the screen opinions are shown in graphs, which were disccussed directly.

During the World Championships for florists in Berlin, Sqiffer was used as a support app before, during and after the contest. Fans could select their favourite contender and support them with a personal picture and message that appeared on a large screen on the main stage during the contest. As part of the support process users were asked to subscribe for updates which led to many valuable opt-ins.

Supporters at the venue and around the world could participate live and interact with the contestants on stage. Support messages were sent from all over the world and generated a great buzz during the event. Thanks to the fact that the pictures were displayed in real-time, participation went viral.

This is the largest event for asset management providers in the Netherlands. It is visited by 400-500 professionals from the banking industry. The event is sponsored by leading asset managers like Delta Lloyd, Blackrock, Fidelity and DeutscheAWM. During several interactive sessions, the Sqiffer voting app was used to enhance the engagement

During the event, multiple voting apps were available in consecutive masterclasses. The audience interacted with the presenters during the highly educational sessions. Results were shown directly on the projection screens and were used instantly to blend knowledge and opinions seamlessly

At this one day event Sqiffer was used as an individual survey and scoring mechanism for a large training event. The goal was to define, for each participant, the level of being pro-active, assertive and work independently.

The participants were given 14 questions, in real - time. During the event the results were shown on a large screen and at the end they received a score and a summary of their calculated profile on their mobile device. All controlled by the Event Master. Additionally, the participants were asked to subscribe for updates which led to an increase of valuable opt-ins.


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